The reason we do this for so little markup compared to so many other similar businesses is because we are a Christian business. We do not believe that making people pay an exorbitant price for relief of their aches and pains is right. We feel that it is a ministry to provide this service at a cost that is fair and that most people can afford. We do have some overhead and labor costs involved so we do have to mark up our cost somewhat in order to cover those costs.

We also believe in dealing fairly and honestly with our customers. When we are out of something, we let you know right away that we are out and when we expect to receive more. We try to get your order shipped within a day or two of receiving it.

Some people may wonder what it really means to be a Christian. Some people think a personal relationship with God is something only theologians can comprehend. Actually, God’s plan of salvation is simple enough for everyone to understand.

Here are the ABC’s of salvation:

A} All persons need salvation. Each of us has a problem the Bible calls sin. Sin is a refusal to acknowledge God’s authority over our lives and most commonly manifests itself as selfishness or a “me first” attitude. Everyone who does not live a life of perfect obedience to the Lord is guilty of sin. Since none of us is perfect, all of us are sinners (Romans 3:23).

The result of sin is spiritual death (Ezekial 18:4b). Spiritual death means eternal separation from God. By God’s perfect standard we are guilty of sin and therefore subject to the punishment for sin, which is separation from God.

B} Believe that God loves each of us. God offers us salvation. Although we have done nothing to deserve His love and salvation, God wants to save us. In Jesus’ death on the cross, God provided salvation for all who would repent of their sins and place their faith in Jesus.

C} Come to Jesus for eternal salvation. The desire in your heart to be saved is the Holy Spirit offering you the forgiveness of your sin and the gift of eternal life. Admit your sin and ask Jesus to deliver you from the consequences of sin. Yield control of your life to Him as your Lord and Savior, and you will be saved (Romans 10:9-10).

If you have read this far and you are not already a Christian, then you are probably searching for answers. So let me help you with some questions:

Who was Jesus Christ historically and was He who He said He was?
It is clear that Jesus Christ was here in the time frame described in the Bible. Other documents from the same time period mention Him. So then the choice is, was He the Son of God as He said He was, or was He a nut, because He had to be one of the two. That’s a question you need to answer for yourself taking into account the hundreds of prophesies that He fulfilled (what are the odds that any single person could fulfill all of the Messianic prophesies and not be the Messiah (Son of God)), and the fact that the Bible has time and time again been proven to be historically accurate, especially in the New Testament.

What really happened at the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus?
You have to decide what really happened taking into account that the Romans posted guards outside the tomb because they were afraid that someone would claim He was resurrected by stealing the body. The penalty for sleeping on guard duty was death. It would have taken quite a group of men to roll away the stone that covered the entrance. Could they have done that and not awakened a guard that wasn’t supposed to be sleeping in the first place? What about the disciples themselves? Here was a group of weenies that were afraid to stand with Jesus when He was crucified, but then after they saw Him following His resurrection, they all eventually died a martyr’s death themselves. That sort of life-changing experience just does not happen without a major breakthrough in faith caused by none other than the first-hand experience of seeing Jesus alive after His death. To listen to a really good message on all of the evidence of the death and resurrection of Jesus, click here. This is a large audio file, so it will take a while to load (do not attempt with just a dial-up connection).

Why do Christians say that Jesus is the only way to salvation? Isn’t that narrow-minded?
Perhaps. But that’s what Jesus Himself said. “No one comes to the Father except through me.” If Jesus said it, then we as Christians must believe it, and it is because of our concern for others that we attempt to reach out to them with that message.

Let’s view it from God’s perspective. Mankind has rebelled against God by being selfish and wanting to replace God with other things: money, power, man’s own will and desires. All of us do that, even Christians. So we are all in need of salvation from that rebellion and God wants to reach out to us and provide a way to do that. Since He makes the rules, He decided that blood was the required payment for our rebellion (sin). And not just any blood, but the blood of perfection.

So God made a part of Himself come to us in human form, fully God and fully man, named Jesus. And Jesus’ mission was to not only teach us and be an example for us, but mainly to offer Himself up as the perfect and final sacrifice for us as payment in full for our sin. In God’s view, Jesus was the perfect way for us to be reconciled back to Him and Jesus alone satisfied all of the requirements in order to do that.

Now, what if we say that we would prefer to reconcile with God another way other than through Jesus? In other words, we reject God’s plan of reconciliation that was a huge personal sacrifice for Him on our behalf, and we decide we would rather try to reach Him through other religions that mankind has invented. Would that not fly in the face of God as just more rebellion? Here, God offers a way for us to reach Him, but we say no! We would prefer another way! Not Jesus! Anything but Jesus!

But if we reject Jesus, then we simply are rejecting God and His plan for us. And how can reconciliation occur through our rejection of God and His plan?

So yes, Christians say that Jesus is the only way to reconcile with God. We view it as truth and not as narrow-minded. And we want others to realize that particular truth and to obtain real reconciliation with God rather than a false hope of reconciliation through more rebellion. Simply because there is only one right way of reconciliation, does not mean narrow-mindedness any more than believing that 2 plus 2 has only one correct answer of 4. Any other path or answer doesn’t broaden our minds or make us politically correct–it’s just simply wrong.

So if God loves us and He is all-knowing and all-powerful, why is there so much evil and suffering in the world?
Yes, God is all of those things and He does certainly love us. But there are at least a couple of reasons why things are as they are. First, He has allowed us choice and by doing so, has allowed us to choose evil, even against each other. Not only allowing us to choose evil, but to also allowing us to choose unwisely. We can choose to eat unhealthily and He will not protect us from the natural outcome of sickness and suffering from that sickness based on that bad choice. The same for smoking, drinking, doing drugs, driving recklessly, and on and on. We will end up reaping the consequences of whatever foolish thing we choose. And if someone chooses to intentionally harm us, He will generally not prevent that either.

Second, when Adam and Eve first brought sin into the world, the world “fell” at that point in time and we now live in a “fallen world”. What was perfect before is now corrupted as God allowed Satan to introduce that corruption into His design. This corruption has gotten worse over time as each generation magnifies and compounds all of the problems. Our chromosomes have been damaged thus allowing birth defects, inherited diseases, etc. Environmental damage has occurred which cause other health issues. And we keep messing with different solutions to our problems which often have unintended consequences that produce even more problems like auto-immune diseases.

God has placed us here in order for us to learn to rely on Him through all of these difficulties. In most cases He will not prevent us from experiencing the results of these situations, although He sometimes miraculously steps in to protect or heal us. But more often than not, we have to rely on His strength and peace to get through whatever we are going through, even if it leads to our physical death here on earth. But even then, if we are believers and have been saved, we enter into a place of perfection with no pain, no disease, no sorrow. This world is a training ground and test for us in order that we will so greatly appreciate when we eventually enter into perfection.

Reading over what I shared above, I realize it’s hard to explain all of this in just a few paragraphs. I am hoping that you get the gist of what I want to say to you and I pray that God will give you understanding.

So if Jesus existed, and He was who He said He was (the Son of God), and He was indeed resurrected after His death, you have a decision to make. You need to decide whether you will make Him the Lord of your life or whether you will continue to “play God” yourself and thumb your nose at your Creator. Pray to Him to forgive you of your rebellion and your desire to be the god of your life, and to come into your heart to make you truly a new creation.

We believe that time is short and that the end times are coming soon. If you read Matthew 24:3-14, it talks about the warning signs of the end times. It speaks of many wars among the nations, famines, and earthquakes. If you look at history, it has never seen the types of signs we are seeing now. Almost every country is involved in some sort of dispute, whether it is multi-national “peace-keeping” or “ethnic cleansing” or even just threats or boycotts to try to stop nuclear proliferation. Famine is widespread in “various places”. And there have never before been so many earthquakes around the globe in such a short period of time. These are all the birth pangs of the end times according to the Bible, and that’s the only warning we are to receive. God loves us all and has given us fair warning, but He will not tolerate man’s rejection of Him forever as we keep trying to be our own god. He will put a stop to the world-wide hatred and evil mankind is so fond of. Please heed the warning signs–there is not much time left. Accept Jesus into your life and follow Him. You will not have time to change your mind once the end comes.

Tell your pastor or a Christian friend about your decision.
Becoming a Christian is your first step on the lifelong road of spiritual growth
and service God desires for you.