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PC NetwoRx Inc.
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 37 reviews
 by Karen A
Bulk MSM & MSM Bar Soap

I recently placed my order and checked the box for ground delivery expecting it would come in a couple weeks. To my surprise I got it within the week. Great Customer Service!

Immediately I took two MSM capsules and felt the brain fog lift off. Wow! I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings.


I've been buying 40lbs. of MSM flakes from PC NetwoRx for years. I put it in my water tea coffee,... I'm 71yo and swim about 2 miles/hour 5x's a week in preparation for my yearly 10 mile swim in a day. Thats about a 6 hour swim. This summer I'm going for 20 miles. I've got 13 hours during the longest day.
I'm grateful to PC. I trust them with my health. An excellent product which has helped me sustain my level of atheleticism for many years. Thank you folks at PC NetwoRx. I'll let you know if I do my 20 this year. Keep up the good work. God keep on Blessing You and all of us.

 by James Eaton
Great Soap

I just purchased over 20 bars of the MSM soap.. and it's the best bar soap I've ever used. this soap wastes no time showing it's superior cleansing,, and moisturizing properties as soon as it hits your towel. I will definitely buy this soap again.

 by Maureen Davenport
Griffin Remedy Body Lotion

Been buying msm from PC Networx for years with fantastic results. This lotion was new to me, decided to try it based on it containing msm and my favorite lavender scent. The lavender scent is wonderful, not over powering. The lotion goes on and is absorbed (for me) quickly. The result of the msm does make a difference in my pain level. My NOW all time go to lotion.

 by Jo Wolgast
Great Equine Supplements

I've been buying bulk MSM, Chondroitin Sulfate, and Glucosamine HCI here for years to mix my own joint supplements for my horses. Animal supplements are not FDA regulated and as a result most of them are packed with fillers (I have them lab tested).

It's great peace of mind knowing I'm giving my horses exactly the amount of each ingredient I expect, and it's WAY cheaper than a comparably potent commercial joint supplement. Thanks for offering great products!

 by Jerry
Ascorbic Acid Pool Experience

Unbelievable! 30000 gal pool with solid tea colored stain from the water line down. Bought $130 worth of “stain remover”from local pool store. Barely removed two small patches on the shallow end. Three weeks later I found your site through online research. Honestly, I did not believe the feedback and reviews based on my failed pool supply event. But I ordered the 5lb bag and used it. Turned pool filter off and carefully broadcast evenly over the shallow end. 1 hour later, I lightly pushed a brush over the shallow end. 24 hours later shallow end including steps completely stain free. Another 24 hours with filter running now and the deep end completely stain free. Liner looks brand new. Thanks so much!

 by ZGreem
MSM Hair and Nails

I started taking MSM as a supplement. Then, I read where it helps hair growth. So, I started my daughter on it and her hair is half-way down her back within a few months. My hair is shoulder length in a few months. This is important because our hair grows fairly slow and my daughter would always want long hair and ask me does my hair grow. I would always tell her yes, hair always grows just take care of it , but after using MSM, we experience exponential growth that was almost unexplainable. Now we use it daily for over all health and especially because our hair is longer than it has ever been and it is very healthy.

 by Cheryl Meglio
Rich’s MSM lotion

I love this product! Silky smooth when applying, not sticky or staining
and it works in seconds. Great for topical use to relieve joint and
Muscle pain. Online now to order more.

 by ed colson

Honest people with a great product. Thank you for keeping your prices low all these years!

 by Curtis

Purchased the bulk sodium ascorbate vitamin C powder... got to say the price is UNBEATABLE! They shipped it next day for FREE and I recieved it within 2 days!!!

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