The more research I do, the more I am convinced that MSM and vitamin C are two vitally important supplements that I would recommend everyone take just for general health and maintenance. I believe this is especially important as new variants of COVID-19 such as omicron and even just the ordinary flu spread. While MSM may not have as direct of an impact on the immune system as vitamin C has been proven to, studies suggest that it helps support the function of the immune system and helps your body to regulate it as it’s meant to.

For those of you wondering what to get that one person on your Christmas list, supplements may be a good gift. One or two pounds of MSM is the perfect amount for someone to try it and see if they get the results they want, especially if there’s a specific issue they want to address.

Personally, I like to make sure I always have some vitamin C on hand. I take 1,000 mg per day, but I keep plenty of bulk ascorbic acid, so I can take more if I happen to fall ill (other forms of vitamin C such as sodium or calcium ascorbate should not be taken in excessive amounts due to the sodium and calcium content respectively). It’s a great addition to a “get better soon” care package.

Of course, it’s still important to take care of your body through good diet, exercise, and plentiful sleep. Merry Christmas, and we wish you all safe and happy holidays!

Kira Gibbons

PC NetwoRx Inc