Your privacy is important to us, but we also need a method of contacting you in case there are problems with your order. We do not attempt to contact you using US Postal mail, so we ask that you provide us with either a valid e-mail address (that you do check), or your phone number. Without at least one of these, if there is a problem with your order or payment, we will not process the order.

Any information that you provide to us is not shared with anyone with the only exceptions described below:

1. We provide your e-mail address to United Parcel Service (UPS) and/or the US Postal Service (or their approved label subcontractor) so that they can notify you of your tracking number for your shipment. Of course, they also are transmitted your name and delivery address in relation to your package delivery.

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3. Your encrypted credit card information with expiration date, billing address, and card verification code is transmitted to our merchant account for purposes of authorization of the charge and settlement of the account for payment. Your credit card information is not stored on our site nor in our offices.