After running the business for over a year and taking MSM for even longer, I want to share my experience with MSM with you. There are many benefits of taking it that I have noticed that have improved my quality of life. I took MSM for a few years as a child, but stopped because I did not notice any particular benefits in my health at the time. When I began taking it regularly again a few years ago in 2018, I realized how useful it was.

I worked as a housekeeper in 2018 and quickly developed carpal tunnel syndrome due to the heavy stress I put on my wrists daily while scrubbing difficult stains, dirt, and crumbs. The pain was manageable until I had to put in some overtime, losing the necessary recovery time for my wrists to heal from the work week. I was reluctant to take pain meds as I knew I would need to take them daily. I tried using a wrist brace, but it was impossible to use with gloves. In an attempt to avoid taking pain meds, I started taking the MSM again. Over the time span of one to two weeks, my pain levels had decreased dramatically. I was able to continue working with minimal pain that eventually disappeared completely.

I also noticed that my nails seemed to grow at a faster rate, and grow back a bit stronger than they had before I started taking the MSM. In addition, my hair grew relatively fast and had less split ends develop between trims.

I previously had some rather severe allergy symptoms in the early spring every year that nearly vanished when I started taking the MSM. I had been using a nasal spray medication that caused nose bleeds if used for more than a month or two consecutively. On the MSM, I experienced no side effects, but had very little congestion during the spring when I would otherwise have had congestion with some cold symptoms.

Finally, by adding MSM and vitamin C to my supplement regimen, I was able to avoid getting the flu around the holidays for the first time in years (in 2019). Before, it was almost a guarantee I would catch the flu either right before Christmas or right before New Years. With the new combination of supplements, I did not get sick at all despite some relatives visiting while ill. Now, MSM is part of what I do daily to improve my overall health and support my immune system.

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Kira Gibbons

PC NetwoRx, Inc.