Our MSM capsules are made from 99.9% pure powder encapsulated in vegicap material. The MSM in the capsules is made in the US and the MSM is encapsulated in the US. Orders of bulk capsules will be in shipped in plastic bags with a heat seal across the open end to keep it from bursting open during shipment. Bulk capsules and the capsules that we have available in bottles are exactly the same and are encapsulated by the same company. We add nothing to our powder during encapsulation which makes our capsules different from almost anything you can buy in stores. Most store-bought capsules have additives such as silicon dioxide (sand) and vegetable magnesium stearate. At best, these ingredients take up room and reduce the amount of actual MSM you are getting. At worst, they can cause stress on your body as your body tries to rid itself of these supposedly inert ingredients and can also prevent your body from absorbing as much MSM. They do nothing to enhance the MSM in any way, so our pure MSM capsules are superior. As a test you can dump the store-bought capsule into a glass of water. If it has these ingredients, it will float on top of the water on a film and nothing you can do can get it to dissolve. In contrast, if you dump the contents of our capsules into water, almost all of it will go immediately to the bottom and it will all dissolve within a few minutes of stirring in warm water. Shelf-life of OptiMSM® is certified to be 5-years. MSM should be stored in a cool, but not cold, dry area, such as on a kitchen shelf.

Lignisul® MSM, which we used to carry, is no longer manufactured and is not available.

OptiMSM® is manufactured in Washington by Bergstrom Nutrition (formerly Cardinal Nutrition) at a facility that Bergstrom owns and is dedicated only for making MSM. Since theirs is a closed system, things like temperature and humidity are more controlled and theirs is a more consistent product from lot to lot. Their plant is NNFA GMP certified. They obtain their DMSO from any number of countries as well. OptiMSM® is also certified as pure and free of contaminants and heavy metals. Bergstrom does pay royalties to the MSM patent holder, MSM Investments Company, LLC., but is not the patent holder itself. Dr. Stanley Jacob, one of the authors of The Miracle of MSM – The Natural Solution for Pain, has given his endorsement to the OptiMSM® brand.
Our OptiMSM® is made to GMP standards (Good Manufacturing Practices) and is a fine product. We have no reservations about providing it to you.

To get a bit more into the details of the DMSO raw material that Bergstrom uses to make MSM, the source used to be lignan-based (derived from softwood trees), but that is no longer the case. The entire industry has moved to chemically-generated DMSO. This means that while it used to be true that MSM had some ties to a natural base in the past, it is no longer being made that way. Others may claim that their MSM is lignan-based, but they are either misrepresenting their product or they are mis-informed as to the way their MSM is made now. However, there is absolutely no chemical difference between how MSM was made in the past and how it is made now. The only difference is that the carbon in it is from an older source than the carbon that used to come from softwood trees.