With everything going on right now, it’s more important than ever to keep our immune systems healthy and strong. As mentioned in the previous blog post, Vitamin C may help provide some support. However, is there anything else that may help?

As you may know, inflammation of the lungs is proving to be a very severe symptom of COVID-19 in some cases. While inflammation in wounds and sickness is a healthy immune response designed to prevent further infection and initiate the healing process, there are times that our bodies overreact. When our immune system overreacts, our own tissues can be harmed as much as the very “invaders” the body is trying to fight. What’s needed is a balance of both prompt and appropriate action by the immune system and restraint of that same system.

MSM is mainly used to treat inflammation, often that which is associated with arthritis or other joint conditions. However, some studies suggest that it may help reduce certain inflammatory-related chemicals released by immune cells. This would mean that the intensity of an inflammation-based immune response would be reduced, but not completely eliminated. In the same study, MSM appeared to prevent immune cells from becoming vulnerable after an intensive work out that might otherwise temporarily weaken them.

In addition, studies show MSM may help your body produce glutathione, an antioxidant that has recently gained much attention for its role in the immune system. According to research, glutathione appears to greatly increase the effectiveness of immune cells and help regulate the immune system.

MSM is by no means a preventative or cure for COVID-19, but it may be a useful tool in helping to fight it. MSM has mainly been studied and used for joint issues. However, I believe it is well worth investigating its immune effects.

Wishing you good health,

Kira Gibbons

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