As the weather begins to get colder, you may find your joints feel stiffer and sorer than in the summer. For many who suffer with arthritis or similar join conditions, the cold often seems to only aggravate it further. However, MSM may be able to help.

In one study, MSM was shown to significantly decrease pain associated with osteoarthritis. It also improved the function of the affected joints. Although its affect on swelling and stiffness in joints was shown to be limited at lower doses, it greatly increased the affect glucosamine had on those symptoms. In general, MSM seemed to help with pain and worked very synergistically with other joint supplements.

MSM is known to have anti-inflammatory effects, which is likely why it tends to help with pain. Inflammation can often cause or increase pain. The sulfur in MSM is also needed for the body to produce glucosamine and collagen, important building blocks for connective tissue like that found in joints. When taking glucosamine or collagen supplements with MSM at the same time, it may increase production of those connective tissues even more while also providing the raw materials needed. Recent studies show that MSM may help protect existing cartilage as well by inhibiting certain cellular factors. All of these factors can often increase range of motion as well as general functionality of a joint. Finally, MSM may help heal tissue that has been damaged by chronic inflammation like what occurs in rheumatoid arthritis. Overall, MSM can help restore cartilage that has been damaged or destroyed by arthritis.

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Kira Gibbons

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