I know someone personally who has contracted COVID-19 and has an autoimmune condition. Although it has been very difficult for her to overcome, she has recovered. Thankfully, she never had to go to the hospital during her illness. I believe this is due to the fact that she has always taken good care of her health and is very knowledgeable on natural home remedies. She credits her “turning point” to a nurse practitioner who administered IV Vitamin C and antioxidant-mineral treatments when home remedies alone produced no noticeable results. Early on in the pandemic, this was a popular treatment in China as well.

However, as IV administered supplements are not a viable preventative and can be an expensive treatment, we might do well to consider oral Vitamin C. According to research, most Vitamin C supplements are not easily absorbed by our body, with only a fraction actually being absorbed in most cases and excess simply being eliminated in our urine after a few hours. Many in the alternative medicine field are now recommending liposomal Vitamin C. In this form, Vitamin C is encapsulated inside a liposomal (or fat-based) covering that makes it easier for our cells to absorb. Unfortunately, it is also more expensive than most other Vitamin C supplements.

There are ways to make it at home yourself, however. Most that make their own liposomal Vitamin C recommend using an ultrasonic cleaner and blender. The exact process can be varied, but in general, you blend Ascorbic Acid, lecithin, and distilled water together, then pour the mixture into the ultrasonic cleaner and have it run for several minutes.

Of course, if one doesn’t have time to make this form of Vitamin C themselves or the idea just doesn’t seem appealing, normal Vitamin C supplements still provide Vitamin C for the body. Ester-C products in particular, are formulated to be released in your body in such a way that provides up to 24-hour supply, minimizing excess waste. In my opinion, normal, good-quality Vitamin C supplements still have benefits and unless one is actually ill, I believe they provide a good dosage. Whatever form of Vitamin C you prefer, we wish you good health.

Kira Gibbons

PC NetwoRx, Inc.





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