Our Bulk L-Ascorbic Acid Powder is tested to USP38 standards at 99.75% minimum purity and provides a less expensive alternative to our Ester-C or Calcium Ascorbate Powders if you don’t have acidity problems. A measured half-teaspoon of the powder yields 2250 mg of Vitamin C. Please note that this item is L-ascorbic acid. Note that many of our customers use ascorbic acid for their pools because it is effective in removing some types of stains. Many people also use it in food prep for bread dough with improved rising characteristics and to prevent browning of fruit and some vegetables in diluted mixtures.

NOTICE: All of our ascorbic acid and ascorbate pricing has increased due to a world-wide shortage of vitamin C products. The factories in China which produce over 95% of the world’s supply of vitamin C products have been forced to slow production or even close due to implementation of more stringent environmental pollution regulations over there. We don’t know how long this situation will exist or how severe the eventual impact will be on the pricing and the supply of vitamin C products. It is possible that we may run out of product without having a timely replacement source. We will try to maintain our current pricing level and not increase prices further for as long as we can.