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Posted by The Live Blood Study on May 16, 2005 at 20:20:49:

In Reply to: MSM For Everything posted by Felicia on May 13, 2005 at 21:50:19:

Purity and lack of processing is what appears to be the most important regarding Methylsulphonylmethane. The Live Blood Study has observed every drug
advertised on the tube and in print but also every brand of powdered or adultered MSM that the members of the study had been taking as long as Susie and Felicia. Any processing and any additives not only decrease the effectiveness of the organic sulfur in some cases like "silicon dioxide" and any form of silica blocks the uptake of sulfur just as chlorine does (see periodic table of elements.) The flow agents are called incipients, to prevent interaction, clumping or caking.
If purity is the concern then stop taking pills and caps, except for Sam's Club MSM 1000 mg tablets ( which require 150% dose adjustments ) the Live Blood Study has seen very little cellular regeneration with any MSM in pill, cap or powder forms.
Organic Sulfur is unprocessed out of the precipitator and has no additives whatsoever.
Codex may take MSM from us but they will never stop the "flow" of organic sulfur.
Organic sulfur is available from PC Network Rx at a slightly higher cost and upon special request, i.e. Live Blood Study Organic Sulfur.
The extra cost supports the work of the Live Blood Study which at this time
is focused on those additives which not only makes MSM less effective but as preservatives in our food are preserving us to death, thanks to the efforts of the FDA
( Found Dead Again .)
Ask any long practicing morticians if they is using less embalming fluid these days?

Vitamin C requires sulfur to transport across a a pliable cell membrane, semi permeable membranes,
osmosis. After all we are plants without roots when we observe our cellular biology.

Sulfur can be absorbed by the epithelium when applied topically but without internal sulfur the
effacacy is only transitory. In the case of epithiel lesions PAV ( ) organic sulfur in the form of pine pitch has demonstrated
a remarkable ability to regenerate new cells while seeming to "melt" moles, wart, scars and stop gangrene. We store toxins in our skin, our largest organ as the Ukranian President demonstrated but his poison was from enemies ours seem to be from our own government and industry, curious.

The Live Blood Study

: It works well for anything as long as you are experiencing a pure product. I have one customer in mind that had been bald on both sides of her temples since she was 14. She is now 72 and for the first time she has hair on the sides of her hair. She began using the MSM lotion 2 times a day directly on her scalp and within 2 weeks she had fuzz growing in like a young man's beard. Within 2 months she was able to put curlers in her hair. You must remember though that not all MSM's are pure and that truly is what makes the difference in your ability to get results. MSM taken internally allows your cells to become permeable so that the nutrition you take in everyday can actually get in your cells and go to work as well as the toxins that are locked in your cells can be released. All illnesses and disease rest in your cells, when you unlock the cell with a pure MSM your body can begin to heal itself. Me an my husband have shared MSM with people all over the world and witnessed first hand its benefits for so many illnesses we don't have enough email space to speak of. But if we can be of service to you please let us know.

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