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Posted by Randy Blair on March 20, 2005 at 22:28:25:

Hi, I have been reading the message board for gout and msm.I have suffered with gout for thirteen years. Lately I have been doing alot of research to find the cure that seems to be so illusive.I have taken cherry juice, celery seed, a compound called gout cure,ester c, yucca root, quercetin,colchicine, allupurinol, endomethicine,and a whole slough of nsaids.Been on vegan diet. After thirteen years the gout had become chronic.Like I said I have been doing alot of research because I HAD HAD IT! The conclusion that I came to was the true cause of gout is poor digestion of proteins causeing an overproduction of acid.Acidosis is the cause of gout! I now use food enzymes everytime I eat.These help break down the Proteins and carbs. to simpler forms so the body doesn't produce so much acid, therefore doesn't have to be neutralized.The ones I use are betaine, bile salt, bromelain, lipase ,Alpha amylase, Pancreatin, Papian, and Pepsin. Some are for protein some for fats and some for starches.To make sure there is enough base (alakline) I use citrical with minerals 1500 mg/ day.Half flat teaspoon sodium bicarb morning and night. I also use probiotics once a day with meals.There is eleven different active bacteria in these.As an added Insurance I take protease 500mg once daily to aid digestion through the digestive tract from 3.0 to 6.0 ph. This seems like an awful lot of stuff to do to avoid pain and permanent crippling. I wish the doctors that I placed my trust in and paid a small ransum ,had enough knowlege to treat the problem not the symptom. It seems like they don't know how to treat it except to prescribe something that covers it up.Take an aspirin and come pay me again tommorrow,(if you have gout dont take aspirin). By the way they won't give you anything for the pain. If they ever had it the would probably take oxycontin for their selfs (thats how painful it is).I am looking at msm as a way to get more mobility. After years of gout to the point of chronic has left my joints in very bad condition.I have some tophi in a couple of places under the skin as a nodule, but these are the ones i can see.I know there is more uric acid build-ups that I can't see. I have been gout free since I started this, I can tell that it is working very well, I don't have any inflamation or gout pain.I do not avoid any foods and drink beer on a regular basis, so I know it is working.Thanks for listening to this and I hope people with gout will try this. It is all about your ph. Randy

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